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Building working relationships to help boost your career

By Claire Rochford, Business manager, Big Tree Recruitment Ltd

February 28, 2019

Your working relationships, especially with your Manager will be the major factor for both your job satisfaction and success. 

There appears to be 3 main groups of people in a workplace, when thinking of relationship development.

1. Automatically knows and works on developing relationships at work

2. Doesn't pay attention to it or thinks too much about it

3. Goes out of the way to avoid relationships with the manager & co-workers: the "I want to separate my personal life from work" type of people.

If you happen to be in the last two groups, you may have work to do to attain the type of success you believe you are capable of.

There are a number of reasons why building working relationships should be a number one priority. People support other people they know, like & trust. If people don't know you other than brief moments of business focused interactions, they wont support you. Its that simple. 

All work is interdependent; it is virtually impossible to be completely autonomous if you work for someone. this means your work depends on others & vice versa.

You are never a 'neutral' to your manager. You are either big boost, a big problem or invisible. If you are invisible, you get ignored which means you risk not getting the big assignments or promotion opportunities. If you appear to be a problem, you either get fixed or removed. While if you are seen as a boost, you are valued, desirable and will be uppermost in the thoughts of the manager for assignments, promotions & possibly pay increases. 

It is OK to separate your personal life from your business life, but you don't do it by virtue of avoiding relationships. You just need to limit your personal life sharing, not all of it has to be private. 

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