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Company Recruitment decisions: Hire direct or use an agency?

February 08, 2019

By Claire Rochford, Business Manager, Big Tree Recruitment Ltd

A number of businesses are handling their own recruitment over recent years due to the cost conscious climate, but it doesn't always result in long-term savings.

Creating compelling adverts, researching the most effective places to post them, and then sorting through CVs are all time-consuming tasks. Inexperience can result in doing these jobs badly. Think about the cost of your time, and how much would be wasted by interviewing badly-matched candidates, who could have been filtered out earlier.

Alternatively, agencies should have available, pre-screened candidates already in their database that you can access. Agencies can also get more honest answers from candidates regarding their long-term career goals, whereas companies are usually given the answers the candidate thinks you want to hear.

My advice is to consider using a specialist agency alongside your job adverts. This will enable you to gain a wider talent pool rather than candidates who may have just spotted your advert. It doesn't cost anything to view agency CVs, and most agencies offer 'refund or replacement' policies which mean you won't be left out of pocket if the new recruit doesn't work out. If the agency candidate is a better fit, this will justify the cost and will have saved you time and money in the long run.

The people you hire play a key part in your success. The perfect employee can provide great benefits and cost savings compared to an average or bad hire.

As recruiters, our reputation is based on identifying those perfect matches.

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