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Jobseeker: Discussing unemployment on your CV

By Claire Rochford, Business Manager, Big Tree Recruitment

March 24, 2019

At some point, most people will experience unemployment, whether you have been made redundant or a graduate struggling to find a job. It can happen to anyone. 

Unemployment can sometimes be difficult to address on your CV. If you find yourself in this situation, don't worry about writing your CV. We can help you handle that awkward gap on your application.

Be Honest

It is normal for people to become unemployed at some point during their working life. As recruiters, we came across unemployment on jobseekers CVs all the time and understand that circumstances change.

You must remember that 'honesty is the best policy', and people respect you for this. So don't be afraid to state gaps in your career no matter what you think it may look like to an employer. If you were hired and lied to your employer it could make the situation worse for you.

If you have the right skills and attributes an employer is looking for, gaps in employment won't stop you from getting the job.

Keep it professional

Stay professional and unbiased to help strengthen your opportunity of getting the job.

You should remain professional when covering a gap on your CV and why you have been unemployed.

Remember to avoid stating any negative reasons why you left your previous job. You don't want to give any potential employers a reason not to hire you.

Focus on the positives

You could use discussing your unemployed period on your CV as a chance to talk about what you learnt and gained from the experience, thinking of the positives. It can show how you have successfully recovered from a setback or overcome challenges in life, and these are great qualities for an employee to have.

Make sure you tailor your CV to the specific job role you are applying for, relating any skills you have.

This could really make your application interesting to employers.

Don't neglect the interests and hobbies section

If you have been out of employment and lack experience in a workplace, it can really help if you make your interests stand out on your CV. Making sure they are as relevant as possible to the role and skills required for the job.

It can show that you are a motivated person, and has remained active during your period of unemployment.

Need more help with writing your CV? Check out our Candidate Advice page along with other advice & tips to help you with the job application process.

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