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Recruitment company: Why we plant trees?

By Stephen Rochford, Recruitment Consultant/Founder, Big Tree Recruitment Ltd

February 22, 2019

Here at Big Tree Recruitment we care deeply about our environment and the future of our next generations. Because of this, we have decided to work with our local council to set up a tree planting scheme. 

We aim to plant a tree for each candidate we place into a permanent position.

We are a specialist recruitment company for surveyors, supplying the construction industry with new employees, and we are well aware that many construction projects involve building on 'green belt' land or cause deforestation, so we wanted to find a way of giving back to the environment.

Here are some benefits of planting trees:

Combat Climate Change

By absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere, trees help to combat climate change.

Prevent flooding

Trees protect soil from erosion, reduce surface run-off and slow large floods.

Support agriculture

Trees improve soil condition and prevent topsoil erosion as well as creating shade and shelter for livestock.

Create woodfuel

The carbon emitted in burning wood is balanced out by what is taken in by the growing tree.

Improve health and wellbeing

Woods and trees reduce air pollution and keep cities cool. They are also the perfect places to exercise.

Encourage wildlife

Trees and deadwood are important ecosystems. They connect woods and enable wildlife to travel.

Build resilience

A good mix of native trees increases landscapes resilience against pests and diseases and promote biodiversity.

(www.Woodlandtrust.org.uk, Why plant trees?)

As you might have noticed, it is also reflected in our company name, Big Tree Recruitment. I came to choose the name Big Tree because I see ourselves as the 'roots' of the tree, and wanted it to represent 'growth'- in the company, the industries, and the people (through their careers), 'branching out' to everyone in the surveying industry - big or small.  I also wanted a tree to represent the organic, natural approach to recruitment - the way we like to work. We work closely with our candidates to build a relationship and help them progress (grow) in their career, and we focus on specialist recruitment, and pride ourselves in not being a sales team. 

So I will leave you with our moto...'Lets Grow'

If you would like to know more about planting trees visit Woodland Trust, they have some great information, along with tips and advice.

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