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Tips for getting headhunted on LinkedIn

By Claire Rochford, Business Manager, Big Tree Recruitment Ltd

March 26, 2019

LinkedIn can be a great tool for helping you search for your next job opportunity. It can help you find a job matching your criteria, and also help recruitment professionals to find you.

Here at Big Tree Recruitment, we often use LinkedIn to search for potential candidates who have the skillset, qualifications and experience we are looking for to fill one of our job roles.

So how can you help yourself to be found?

It is important to keep your profile fully updated, and by making some easy changes, you can ensure that your page will appear in relevant search results which match your requirements.

Profile photo

A LinkedIn profile without a picture appears incomplete & unused - leading to anyone who is looking at your profile to question 'whether you actually spend any time on the network' & whether your profile is up to date.

An ideal profile photo will be recent, professional, and sized to show your head & the top of your torso.

Consider switching from a colour image to black & white - but stay clear of Instagram filters or similar.

Update your skills

Recruiters often search on LinkedIn profiles based on 'Skills' a potential candidate has to fill a particular role.

List the skills you possess which are relevant to your industry, and ask colleagues & clients to "endorse" you for the ones that they have seen you use. (This can reaffirm your abilities to anyone viewing your profile)

Be honest with your skills - it will harm your credibility if a recruiter questions you on an 'area of expertise' which turns out you know very little about.

Become an "All-Star"

LinkedIn ranks the strength of your profile by the level of information you have included. - From Beginner to All-Star.

Make sure to include previous job roles and responsibilities, education & qualifications so we can get a clear picture of your skills & experience when we view your profile, in order to decide whether you are a 'perfect fit' for a particular vacancy.

Writing a short summary of your experience & key skills can really help you to stand out from other candidates, at the same time optimising your profile for keywords & search terms.

Upload your portfolio

This is a relatively new feature on LinkedIn& it allows you to upload documents, including images, videos, websites & presentations to your profile.

Let recruiters know you are available

LinkedIn has recently added a brand new feature. You can signal to recruiters & employers that you are open to new career opportunities.

When you are logged into LinkedIn, select the "Jobs" tab & then "update career interests".

You will then be able to select to display that you are looking to find a new job & be able to select more details about your ideal role, from preferred sectors to job seniority - and helps to make sure people only get in touch with jobs matching your requirements.

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